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AI Strategy and Roadmap

At Formulate AI, we specialize in helping businesses harness the power of artificial intelligence to drive growth, innovation, and efficiency. Our proven approach to AI Strategy and Implementation is designed to guide you through every step of your AI journey, ensuring tangible results and sustainable change. With Formulate AI, you can confidently navigate the world of AI and unlock its full potential for your organization. Our 5-Step Process is as follows.

Envision Your AI Success
Envision Your AI Success

In this initial phase, we work closely with you to define your AI aspirations and goals. We help you paint a clear picture of what AI success means for your organization, ensuring everyone is aligned on the desired outcomes.

Strategize for AI Transformation
Strategize for AI Transformation

Crafting a customized AI strategy is the next crucial step. We collaborate with you to devise a strategic plan that outlines how AI will drive your business forward. This strategy considers the technology, data, and resources needed to achieve your AI vision.

Initiate Your AI Journey
Initiate Your AI Journey

With the strategy in place, we kickstart your AI journey. This phase involves the practical implementation of AI technologies, setting up infrastructure, data pipelines, and initial AI models. It's the moment when your AI aspirations begin to take shape.

Drive Impactful AI Outcomes
Drive Impactful AI Outcomes

As your AI initiatives gain momentum, we focus on maximizing their impact. Our team continuously refines and optimizes AI models, monitors performance, and adapts strategies to ensure that your AI solutions deliver tangible and meaningful results.

Scale and Sustain AI Progress
Scale and Sustain AI Progress

Sustainable AI transformation is the ultimate goal. We work with you to integrate AI into your organization's culture and processes, fostering a long-term commitment to AI-driven innovation. This phase is about extending the reach of AI across your entire organization and maintaining its success over time.

Formulate AI creates business solutions with AI & ML

We apply our AI knowledge and experience to support our clients in turning their data into valuable assets across various industries. This involves implementing AI technologies in areas like natural language processing, computer vision, and text analysis. Our clients have seen significant benefits in their supply chain management, pricing strategies, product bundling, product development, and personalized recommendation capabilities, among many other areas.


    Catalyzing Your AI Transformation: Document Q&A, Data Augmentation, Chatbot, and Analytics

    We utilize state-of-the-art LLMs and securely fine-tune them with your data to construct tailored in-house solutions for Document Q&A, Data Augmentation, Chatbot, and Analytics, meeting your specific needs.


    Next-Generation AI Models: Text-to-Speech, Text-to-Image, Face Recognition, Voice Synthesis

    We offer the capability to collaboratively develop cutting-edge Text-to-Speech, Text-to-Image, Face Recognition, and Voice Synthesis models, enriching your applications and products with advanced functionalities.

    Recommendation Engine

    Tailored Recommendation Engines for Your Industry

    We're experts in developing custom recommendation engines for specific industries. Taking it a step further, we boost your results. With a track record of success in areas like media and retail, we improve your efficiency and deliver game-changing outcomes that fit your industry.

    Anomaly Detection

    Anomaly Detection Expertise: Scaling Up for Enterprise Impact

    We specialize in anomaly detection algorithms. As we scale up, we integrate these modules to ensure enterprise-wide impact. Our focus is on widespread adoption and seamless integration, working closely with your teams to align AI with your business strategy, driving lasting growth and innovation.

    Data. Driven. Decisions

    Empowering Decisions with Data-Driven Insights

    We also specialize in Data-Driven Decision Services. This encompasses Customer Journey Mapping, Financial Planning and Analytics, and Experience Scoring Data Products. Our expertise enables data-powered decision-making to drive your business's success.


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AI transformation goes hand-in-hand with business transformation. Gain access to cutting-edge business solutions meticulously crafted by industry professionals in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our adept experts have mastered the art of AI/ML development and implementation, serving both leading tech enterprises and our own ventures. In addition to AI-enabled tech services, we are actively building widely recognized ML communities and innovative ML products.

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