About Us

We strive to formulate an intelligent tomorrow. Our mission is to co-create strong intelligence that can reshape our world. We seek to innovate and push boundaries while also yielding this technology responsibly. We live in a fast-changing world where human interaction, business processes and methods could be revolutionised through cutting edge technology, we at Formulate AI seek to deliver quality products and services accompanied by personalisation and attention to the client needs.

Our Journey until now

  • 2020

    Starting against all ODDS

  • 2021


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Formulate an Intelligent Tomorrow! We envisage developing cutting edge AI-enabled products and services to reshape our world. We strive to provide innovative solutions for our clients and their customers.


Develop strong Artificial Intelligence that can enhance human creativity, innovate systems and help businesses achieve operational excellence.


We strive to innovate and push boundaries without compromising the quality of our products. We strive for the conscientious and responsible development of technology whose benefits can be accrued to a broad base of people.

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